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hi y'aaaall...
so recently, i shared a poem for extra credit in class, and now i'm gonna share it with whoever reads my blogspot.
the assignment was to write our own beat poetry, to write of something in society today and how you feel about it i guess.
who were the beats?- those guys in french berets, chillin in cafes, snappin their fingers to jazz, and writing what they felt, about anything and everything. modern transcendalists as my teacher likes to call it, people who dgaf about the system, and believed that life is short, so live it.
here is my poem titled
No one likes to hear the truth,
think before you speak.
Your words are meaningless,
thoughtless, caught up,
empty and lost.
You seek truth in lies..
dissapointed you find none.
Clear your mind.
look and reach for the aesthetics in life.
glaring eyes, you fantasize, analyze..
hear through your damaged ears,
slipped off your sly tongue,
bit your lip, and the world is flipped.
The truth you can appreciate,
cannot create,
this is your fate..
do or do NOT retaliate.

by: Chelsea Lopez :)