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What: The First Official blogTV Event

The first OFFICIAL blogTV event. blogTV and YouTube personalities from all over the world will be coming to attend. We have gathered musical personalities from across the country to showcase their talents and raise money for the Children’s Hunger Fund.
Why: For The Love of Music

The goal of this event is to showcase the musical talents of today’s youth, while sparking interest in art and music; thus bring people together in a common interest to raise money for a good cause. The event will open up opportunities to meet their role models and possibly give them the inpiration to emulate or follow in the artist’s footsteps. The overall expected outcome for this event to is bring the community closer in a common interest: music. In turn striking interest in the art form of music: primarily acoustic guitar, songwriting and piano.

Who: YouTube Stars & blogTV Friends

AJ Rafael
Alyssa Bernal
Gabe Bondoc
Cathy Nguyen
Sam Hart
Chris Cendana
Lydia Paek w/ Victor Kim (Quest Crew)
Kris Mark Cardenas
Kathleen Badar
Melissa Polinar
Michelle Martinez
Amiel Maquilan
Krystle Cruz
Monique Macasaet
JaeT w/ Jennie Dinh
Renabette San Antonio
Adrian William Project
Jay Marquez
Renato Hufana
Ron Palustre
Stefan Sanchez
Thunder PerfectMind
Christopher-Aaron Rodriguez
JohnJohn Baguio
Jon Cardona
Nina Tran
Raelynne Rosales
Richard Tran

When: Saturday, July 25, 2009

* 3:30pm: Doors Open, Prelist Performances
* 5:00pm: Playlist Performances

Where: San Diego, CA

Ticket Info

Tickets will be $18 for presale and $20 at the door with reserved VIP seating at $30 (SOLDOUT). This event WILL sell out, so reserve your’s early.

Parking is should not be an issue, but it is limited, so carpooling is recommended. Also, the venue is located right off the San Diego Trolley Orange line if transportation is an issue.

Artists will be selling CD’s, tshirts and more. Concession will be on sale during the event as well. We will also be selling Event Autograph books which will include profile pages of the artist as well as lots of space to get those much needed autographs from everyone around you for $5.00. So bring extra money.

felt like writing anything

yo, hey, hi, how you doing? saw you pass by yesterday.. missed you..been busy? thats cool me too..just dropping by cause i had something to say but i just cant remember..wish i did..i think it was about how sad i was to find out you were leaving..dont forget to call, write if you can! ill wait, if i have to, say hi to your mom cause i want to, live life without you, breathe because im supposed to..sorry if im dragging on, its just there is never enough to say.


ill admit..pretty funny

Damn Girl, Why You Trippin!?

Damn girl, why you trippin?
Just cause she got the same dress as you?
I said you'll look flyer than she could ever do!
Cause you caught me starrin? Damn I can't help it!
You know what you were thinking when you put on that outfit!
Damn girl, why you trippin?
Cause I said I'd call in an hour,
But missed it by a minute, now you're all sour!?
I told you I was kickin it with the boys,
Now why gotta blow up in my face with all this noise!?
Damn girl, why you trippin?
So I bought you a medium, when you're a size small,
I'm not going back to wait at line in the mall!
Wash it, dry it, shrink it down a bit,
I bet after a while the shirt will fit.
Damn girl, why you trippin?
I'm tired and have no conscience.
I'm sorry if this phone conversation is nothing but silence.
Cause I raised my voice in tones of successions?!
I was pissed! Weren't you the one who said "show your true expressions."?!
Damn girl, why you trippin?
Cause I asked for money from you?!
I haven't eaten all day. You ate my lunch. Damn, I get hungry too!
I know you told me not to do it & I said I wasn't gonna do it,
But, damn, isn't it inevitable for everyone to slip!?
Damn girl, why you trippin?
So you wanna go and think that I'm lying!?
You're the one denying the facts that I'm supplying.
I said she's just a friend,
You assume too damn much! Why you gonna think I'm trying to play pretend!?
Damn girl, why you trippin?
So I called you another name.
But did you know that 'other name' was my mom's name!
I got you your Jamba Juice.
Now you're draining down the sink, cause I forgot the fiber boost!?
Damn girl, why you trippin?
I messed up bad & wanted to apologize. So I got you an authentic Mexican tortilla.
I'm sorry. I didn't know that tortillas gave you diarrhea.
Damn girl, why you trippin?
I just wanna give you a hug, a little kiss, or even hold your hand.
Now you're pushing me off like I'm not your man.
Cause I forgot to kiss goodbye?!
I always kiss goodbye, but tell me, when's the last time I got mine!?
Damn girl, why you trippin?
I got new clothes, shoes and I'm all fancied up,
now you complaining that I need a hair cut and a fresh line up!?
Cause I said your wedding plans were just "too much!"
We've only been together for less than a month.
Damn girl, why you trippin?
Cause for once I made you my second option,
Since I got with you I don't get to play video games that often.
Cause I danced with another girl,
Chill, it's only the Cha-Cha, you don't gotta go and destroy the whole world.
Damn girl, why you trippin?
I'm sorry if action and adventure movies make you sick,
I don't want spend another night watching romance and chick flicks.
Cause I said she was "sexy" and "I'd let her control me."
What do you expect!? It's Jessica Alba! You suggested that we watch Honey.
Damn girl, why you trippin?
Cause I forgot to visit you after work!?
Now you ain't gonna talk to me for a week, cause you're all butt hurt.
Cause my boy got shotty and you rode the back seat,
I was in the back seat while your girl took shotty last week.
Damn girl, why you trippin?
So I'll stop my ranting and finally shut up.
I just wanted to know what was up.
I'll be the man that I am and apologize again. & This is frequent.
Sometimes you just complain too damn much. Allow me to comprehend and be eloquent.
I'm not perfect and neither are you.
Why can't we go back to when love was all we wanted to do?
I do my best to make this work, and you should do your part as well.
Maybe if you did, our worlds wouldn't be a reflection of hell.
Hopefully we can work this out, so no 'trippin' will be existing.
Let's get our laces tight, so none of us are trippin.
Hopefully you don't see this poem as just a front.
I love you. Isn't that enough!?
You still leave me wonderin...
Damn girl, why you trippin!?

BY: this guy right here>>>>>http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=9918831


i know, i know

part II, from me. (:

this is really lame, i haven't posted anything worth reading in awhile.. and this is def. not something worth reading.. but i am feeling like going on an incessant(well until i feel like im done) ramble..

there are hives on my left leg and left arm, i cant help but scratch it.
i came to school for the first time in three days, boy have i missed alot.
so much work, am i even going to pass this year? im freaking myself out.
another hive popped up, its in a shape of a heart.
i am on facebook play s.life (sorority life) but i made up s.life because...?
join my house bitches! and we can dominate all those other virtual nasty ass hoez.
condensation on my cup annoys me. boooooo, a large cup of sweet tea is yuummmy :)
im tempted to online shop........really tempting.
new moon comes out on my moms birthday!! 11/20 but id rather it come out on 11/21 (MY BIRTHDAY) like twilight did last year.
im a crazy bitchhhhhhh, not as crazy as tila tequila.
dont follow her on twitter! she posts like a maniac.
FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!: chelseaeae.twitter.com (;
i have two finals tomorrow: us history&algebra two..can you say FAIIILLLLLLLLL
rah rah rah, i have a potty mouth. i curse too often! :[
i want shave it... last time i was at shave it(WEDNESDAY the 27th of May) i fell on my head and was rushed to the e.r. but no head trauma! yay me, im alive.
funyuns are truly fun.
i want to buy a fish, lkjfadkjfladjsfjkl;sa
an 8 pack of 100 grand bars for one dollar is such a good deal.
theres a huge scratch on my screen of my new phone.
tomorrow will be the one year of first noticing theres something wrong me! what up myastheniiaa graviiisss!
my speech therapist told me not to drink out of straws.. i still drink out of straws
i thought i was going to write more.......but im getting sleepy..
and im so distracted...

man, this blog sucks :( oh welllllllll this isnt rambling.. this is just stupid.hahahhahaha i haaaaate myyyyyyselffffffffffff

okay bye