i know, i know

part II, from me. (:

this is really lame, i haven't posted anything worth reading in awhile.. and this is def. not something worth reading.. but i am feeling like going on an incessant(well until i feel like im done) ramble..

there are hives on my left leg and left arm, i cant help but scratch it.
i came to school for the first time in three days, boy have i missed alot.
so much work, am i even going to pass this year? im freaking myself out.
another hive popped up, its in a shape of a heart.
i am on facebook play s.life (sorority life) but i made up s.life because...?
join my house bitches! and we can dominate all those other virtual nasty ass hoez.
condensation on my cup annoys me. boooooo, a large cup of sweet tea is yuummmy :)
im tempted to online shop........really tempting.
new moon comes out on my moms birthday!! 11/20 but id rather it come out on 11/21 (MY BIRTHDAY) like twilight did last year.
im a crazy bitchhhhhhh, not as crazy as tila tequila.
dont follow her on twitter! she posts like a maniac.
FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!: chelseaeae.twitter.com (;
i have two finals tomorrow: us history&algebra two..can you say FAIIILLLLLLLLL
rah rah rah, i have a potty mouth. i curse too often! :[
i want shave it... last time i was at shave it(WEDNESDAY the 27th of May) i fell on my head and was rushed to the e.r. but no head trauma! yay me, im alive.
funyuns are truly fun.
i want to buy a fish, lkjfadkjfladjsfjkl;sa
an 8 pack of 100 grand bars for one dollar is such a good deal.
theres a huge scratch on my screen of my new phone.
tomorrow will be the one year of first noticing theres something wrong me! what up myastheniiaa graviiisss!
my speech therapist told me not to drink out of straws.. i still drink out of straws
i thought i was going to write more.......but im getting sleepy..
and im so distracted...

man, this blog sucks :( oh welllllllll this isnt rambling.. this is just stupid.hahahhahaha i haaaaate myyyyyyselffffffffffff

okay bye

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