oh & this..

What: The First Official blogTV Event

The first OFFICIAL blogTV event. blogTV and YouTube personalities from all over the world will be coming to attend. We have gathered musical personalities from across the country to showcase their talents and raise money for the Children’s Hunger Fund.
Why: For The Love of Music

The goal of this event is to showcase the musical talents of today’s youth, while sparking interest in art and music; thus bring people together in a common interest to raise money for a good cause. The event will open up opportunities to meet their role models and possibly give them the inpiration to emulate or follow in the artist’s footsteps. The overall expected outcome for this event to is bring the community closer in a common interest: music. In turn striking interest in the art form of music: primarily acoustic guitar, songwriting and piano.

Who: YouTube Stars & blogTV Friends

AJ Rafael
Alyssa Bernal
Gabe Bondoc
Cathy Nguyen
Sam Hart
Chris Cendana
Lydia Paek w/ Victor Kim (Quest Crew)
Kris Mark Cardenas
Kathleen Badar
Melissa Polinar
Michelle Martinez
Amiel Maquilan
Krystle Cruz
Monique Macasaet
JaeT w/ Jennie Dinh
Renabette San Antonio
Adrian William Project
Jay Marquez
Renato Hufana
Ron Palustre
Stefan Sanchez
Thunder PerfectMind
Christopher-Aaron Rodriguez
JohnJohn Baguio
Jon Cardona
Nina Tran
Raelynne Rosales
Richard Tran

When: Saturday, July 25, 2009

* 3:30pm: Doors Open, Prelist Performances
* 5:00pm: Playlist Performances

Where: San Diego, CA

Ticket Info

Tickets will be $18 for presale and $20 at the door with reserved VIP seating at $30 (SOLDOUT). This event WILL sell out, so reserve your’s early.

Parking is should not be an issue, but it is limited, so carpooling is recommended. Also, the venue is located right off the San Diego Trolley Orange line if transportation is an issue.

Artists will be selling CD’s, tshirts and more. Concession will be on sale during the event as well. We will also be selling Event Autograph books which will include profile pages of the artist as well as lots of space to get those much needed autographs from everyone around you for $5.00. So bring extra money.

felt like writing anything

yo, hey, hi, how you doing? saw you pass by yesterday.. missed you..been busy? thats cool me too..just dropping by cause i had something to say but i just cant remember..wish i did..i think it was about how sad i was to find out you were leaving..dont forget to call, write if you can! ill wait, if i have to, say hi to your mom cause i want to, live life without you, breathe because im supposed to..sorry if im dragging on, its just there is never enough to say.


ill admit..pretty funny

Damn Girl, Why You Trippin!?

Damn girl, why you trippin?
Just cause she got the same dress as you?
I said you'll look flyer than she could ever do!
Cause you caught me starrin? Damn I can't help it!
You know what you were thinking when you put on that outfit!
Damn girl, why you trippin?
Cause I said I'd call in an hour,
But missed it by a minute, now you're all sour!?
I told you I was kickin it with the boys,
Now why gotta blow up in my face with all this noise!?
Damn girl, why you trippin?
So I bought you a medium, when you're a size small,
I'm not going back to wait at line in the mall!
Wash it, dry it, shrink it down a bit,
I bet after a while the shirt will fit.
Damn girl, why you trippin?
I'm tired and have no conscience.
I'm sorry if this phone conversation is nothing but silence.
Cause I raised my voice in tones of successions?!
I was pissed! Weren't you the one who said "show your true expressions."?!
Damn girl, why you trippin?
Cause I asked for money from you?!
I haven't eaten all day. You ate my lunch. Damn, I get hungry too!
I know you told me not to do it & I said I wasn't gonna do it,
But, damn, isn't it inevitable for everyone to slip!?
Damn girl, why you trippin?
So you wanna go and think that I'm lying!?
You're the one denying the facts that I'm supplying.
I said she's just a friend,
You assume too damn much! Why you gonna think I'm trying to play pretend!?
Damn girl, why you trippin?
So I called you another name.
But did you know that 'other name' was my mom's name!
I got you your Jamba Juice.
Now you're draining down the sink, cause I forgot the fiber boost!?
Damn girl, why you trippin?
I messed up bad & wanted to apologize. So I got you an authentic Mexican tortilla.
I'm sorry. I didn't know that tortillas gave you diarrhea.
Damn girl, why you trippin?
I just wanna give you a hug, a little kiss, or even hold your hand.
Now you're pushing me off like I'm not your man.
Cause I forgot to kiss goodbye?!
I always kiss goodbye, but tell me, when's the last time I got mine!?
Damn girl, why you trippin?
I got new clothes, shoes and I'm all fancied up,
now you complaining that I need a hair cut and a fresh line up!?
Cause I said your wedding plans were just "too much!"
We've only been together for less than a month.
Damn girl, why you trippin?
Cause for once I made you my second option,
Since I got with you I don't get to play video games that often.
Cause I danced with another girl,
Chill, it's only the Cha-Cha, you don't gotta go and destroy the whole world.
Damn girl, why you trippin?
I'm sorry if action and adventure movies make you sick,
I don't want spend another night watching romance and chick flicks.
Cause I said she was "sexy" and "I'd let her control me."
What do you expect!? It's Jessica Alba! You suggested that we watch Honey.
Damn girl, why you trippin?
Cause I forgot to visit you after work!?
Now you ain't gonna talk to me for a week, cause you're all butt hurt.
Cause my boy got shotty and you rode the back seat,
I was in the back seat while your girl took shotty last week.
Damn girl, why you trippin?
So I'll stop my ranting and finally shut up.
I just wanted to know what was up.
I'll be the man that I am and apologize again. & This is frequent.
Sometimes you just complain too damn much. Allow me to comprehend and be eloquent.
I'm not perfect and neither are you.
Why can't we go back to when love was all we wanted to do?
I do my best to make this work, and you should do your part as well.
Maybe if you did, our worlds wouldn't be a reflection of hell.
Hopefully we can work this out, so no 'trippin' will be existing.
Let's get our laces tight, so none of us are trippin.
Hopefully you don't see this poem as just a front.
I love you. Isn't that enough!?
You still leave me wonderin...
Damn girl, why you trippin!?

BY: this guy right here>>>>>http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=9918831


i know, i know

part II, from me. (:

this is really lame, i haven't posted anything worth reading in awhile.. and this is def. not something worth reading.. but i am feeling like going on an incessant(well until i feel like im done) ramble..

there are hives on my left leg and left arm, i cant help but scratch it.
i came to school for the first time in three days, boy have i missed alot.
so much work, am i even going to pass this year? im freaking myself out.
another hive popped up, its in a shape of a heart.
i am on facebook play s.life (sorority life) but i made up s.life because...?
join my house bitches! and we can dominate all those other virtual nasty ass hoez.
condensation on my cup annoys me. boooooo, a large cup of sweet tea is yuummmy :)
im tempted to online shop........really tempting.
new moon comes out on my moms birthday!! 11/20 but id rather it come out on 11/21 (MY BIRTHDAY) like twilight did last year.
im a crazy bitchhhhhhh, not as crazy as tila tequila.
dont follow her on twitter! she posts like a maniac.
FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!: chelseaeae.twitter.com (;
i have two finals tomorrow: us history&algebra two..can you say FAIIILLLLLLLLL
rah rah rah, i have a potty mouth. i curse too often! :[
i want shave it... last time i was at shave it(WEDNESDAY the 27th of May) i fell on my head and was rushed to the e.r. but no head trauma! yay me, im alive.
funyuns are truly fun.
i want to buy a fish, lkjfadkjfladjsfjkl;sa
an 8 pack of 100 grand bars for one dollar is such a good deal.
theres a huge scratch on my screen of my new phone.
tomorrow will be the one year of first noticing theres something wrong me! what up myastheniiaa graviiisss!
my speech therapist told me not to drink out of straws.. i still drink out of straws
i thought i was going to write more.......but im getting sleepy..
and im so distracted...

man, this blog sucks :( oh welllllllll this isnt rambling.. this is just stupid.hahahhahaha i haaaaate myyyyyyselffffffffffff

okay bye


strawberry mango banana

hi y'aaaall...
so recently, i shared a poem for extra credit in class, and now i'm gonna share it with whoever reads my blogspot.
the assignment was to write our own beat poetry, to write of something in society today and how you feel about it i guess.
who were the beats?- those guys in french berets, chillin in cafes, snappin their fingers to jazz, and writing what they felt, about anything and everything. modern transcendalists as my teacher likes to call it, people who dgaf about the system, and believed that life is short, so live it.
here is my poem titled
No one likes to hear the truth,
think before you speak.
Your words are meaningless,
thoughtless, caught up,
empty and lost.
You seek truth in lies..
dissapointed you find none.
Clear your mind.
look and reach for the aesthetics in life.
glaring eyes, you fantasize, analyze..
hear through your damaged ears,
slipped off your sly tongue,
bit your lip, and the world is flipped.
The truth you can appreciate,
cannot create,
this is your fate..
do or do NOT retaliate.

by: Chelsea Lopez :)



hi, haven't actually WROTE something on my blog for a while...i've just been lazy and posting youtube vids haha.. but anyways..hope everyone is doing well (: this weekend was so much fun, on friday i hung out with some friends,watched obsessed, ate..and ate, and just chilllllllled, haha.. yesterday it was movie night at chardels..(IM SO EXCITED FOR HER DEBUT!,CANT WAIT TILL MINE :D) we watched american history x..mmm edward norton ;)! haha whhhhhhat. we also watched blow..yeeeeahhhh...okaaaay..it was nice seeing tess and cody as wellllll! rah. good weekend.. blaeehasgeh..pa pa poke her face. I dont know about you..but 2009 has been going really well for me..life has been good to me besides some little petty stuff..but cant say it's been bad.
ive gotten closer to my friends and it feels good. im already so excited for summer..like you should see how hyped up i already am..this is all i could say: KASLDJFLJSDLFJSDLAJF;LSDJFKLJDSL;KFJ S;ALDJGL ,i dont even know. and i know i sound hella crazy but blaaaaaaaah, dont you love that feeling where everything just feels right? it's the craziest form sublime to me. hmmm..besides that.. i have a new nephew :) he's two weeks and a day old today, and his name is carter..hes such a cutie, i cant even explain haha! mm i got a new phone..and a new number, so pleaaaase get a me if you dont have it! adsfl;j;.. im lame. anyyyyyyways i just wanted to share my excitement to my blog world..haha someone help me NOT to be addicted to this app. on facebook called s.life, cause its really getting to me.. haaaaa..sorryy for typing like a spazzzz. hope you can read it

Are you afraid of losing the last person you talked to?
like seasons, they come and go...

Is there someone that makes you happy every time you see them?
aw what how'd you know!?

What was your last thought before you went to bed last night?
what its already 1:20 am?

When's the last time you had a headache?
don't remember..yesterday or the day before

How do you feel right now?
so esssssssited

Does anyone call you baby?
a good handful of people, haha

Would you ever get a tattoo?
if it meant something, im not down for writing '50' on my entire back =/

Can you recall the last time you sincerely liked someone a lot?
uh, byez

What are you most anxious/​​​excited for?
summma summa summa time, lets just kick back and unwind..
chardel's debut as well.

Will you talk to the person you like tonight?
i dont like anyone? i dont even know, ha

What was the first thing you thought of this morning?
i forgot to take my meds, fuhhhh

What's something you really want right now?
white gummy @ jamba oh, and..no thats it

Do you know anyone who has been arrested?

Have you ever burned yourself?
curling iron,ouch

Who do you turn to when you're down?
f you all day everyday

Do you swear alot?
alot alot..

What is bothering you right now?
p.s. i love you comes on in a few minutes...and time goes by soo slow

Do you think that you will be married within ten years?
ill be 26...cool

Do you live near your best friends?

How do you look right now?
perf. hehe

Have you ever made a boyfriend or girlfriend cry?

Has anyone ever seen you in your underwear?
lawlie, shaaa yeah

Are there any bruises on your body?
;) lol NO

Have you ever found it hard to tell anyone you like them?
these are my confessions pt. 143
love you derbear


& this?


Me too.

DEAR _________________________________,
I'm sorry. I know I don't make your lives any easier.. Most times I feel like a burden.
I know you two get frustrated with me easily, and I'm sure it's hard. But ME TOO, i'm always frustrated, and it's hard not to be. I don't want you guys to baby me, or treat me differently, but it would be nice if you were more 'there' for me. Sometimes I feel you guys are angry at me, but I can't help it. I'm not trying to make excuses, or looking for any sympathy. I have to realize that this will affect me as long as I live, and I am the only person who can help myself..but in the mean time, I need you guys to be there for me..to help me stay positive, to live everyday normally to the fullest extent, and to help make me love life like I used to.



my bestfriend

tisha mae salon is turning seventeen on march 21
buy her headbands,rings,HAWT pink lipgloss, & dresses :]]



is my favorite movie :) ...really + i LOOOOOVE Dev Patel! and Freida Pinto is so pretty!


hi myspace

I've grown up a bit..I am finally taking advantage of my past mistakes and learning from them. I talk too much and weep about how I'm not clever at all. I'm better at reading picture books and I'm always down to make someone laugh. I'm young, and I pick up almost everything from my family and I tend to sway with the 'good crowd'. I like unexpected plans..well when they go well. My perfect day consists of being with people I love and watching movies. I find amusement in the oddest things, and I wish I could keep quiet at least for 2 hours. I like rings, bracelets, sunglasses, and dictionaries/thesauruses. My life is synonymous with lolz, I add [z]'s to words just because I can. Don't mistake me for being immature, because I appreciate sincerity and being serious. I honestly do believe in "there is a time and place for everything." I'm a music, artifical strawberry and internet junkie. I always find something to smile at,and almost everyday I wake up 30 minutes later than my alarm,ack. I definitely try to stay true and as positive as I can, but I slip through sometimes. I'm comfortable with almost everyone and I'm still trying to figure out how to laugh 24 hours straight. i get car sick , and frustrated easily. I'm finding a new hobby in reading, i loooove books! I can't cut straight with scissors, but give me a camera..I love taking pictures. I adore the beauty in nature and the nature in beauty. I enjoy good times with good company. I doodle on almost everything in sight,even myself.. I like writing myspace 'about me's' and figurative essays. I eat money, and typically I'll love you more than I love myself. Other than all that, i'm so excited right now, hahah! other thaangs: i make up my own words,use spanish as if I knew it,embrace the quote "the sky's the limit",find interest in individuality and creativity and I hate repeating myself myself myself..I choose spoons>forks & strawberry lemonade over faye barreras, mos def, mos def! & here's the positive-- life's guuuud, XOXO. ;)


not concentrated on hdub

but rather...,

tessincursivex: chelss ur so emooo
Auto response from chelseaeae: hades- the underworld of departed souls
chelseaeae: FACK YAO
tessincursivex: hades iz wurr mah heart izz
chelseaeae: hahah wtf, more like under the sea with ariel and sea creatures and pretty crustaceans
chelseaeae: hahhahaha
tessincursivex: hahahahah!
chelseaeae: o_O
tessincursivex: omg codys gonna fall in love with a mermaid at rehab!
chelseaeae: aww and have half mermaid kids
chelseaeae: hoooooow cuuuute!
chelseaeae: hahaha jus playin ;D
tessincursivex: hahah how do you have sex with a mermaid? -_-
chelseaeae: rub her conch shell..bitch i dont know!
chelseaeae: hahahha
tessincursivex: ewwww hahah chels youre so dirttyyyy!
chelseaeae: dont ask me questions then dumb cunt
chelseaeae: hahahhajhahahhaha
tessincursivex: lmao like when i translated all your dreams and they all had to do with sexual desires
tessincursivex: hahaha!
chelseaeae: OH WHAT THE
chelseaeae: dont remember
tessincursivex: chelsso horny chels chels so horny
tessincursivex: ahahhaha
chelseaeae: im like 3 seconds away from stabbing your heart through this computer screen
chelseaeae: ^____^
tessincursivex: excuseee me is that a threat?
chelseaeae: excuse me, would you like my 5 inch blade or my pear knife?
tessincursivex: i will take your pear knife and eat it like the piece of fruit that its name after. bitch.
chelseaeae: oh okay.. i see how it is.. you like it down your throat
chelseaeae: hhahahahhahahahah
tessincursivex: hahahaha
chelseaeae: hahahhaha
tessincursivex: ah chelss i got the rest of my makeup stuff todayy!
tessincursivex: yay!
chelseaeae: yay i hope it grows legs and runs away!!!
tessincursivex: omg you beezy!
chelseaeae: hahah
tessincursivex: ima cut off YOUR legs and then you wont be able to run no more.
tessincursivex: hahaha!
chelseaeae: haha ill crawl up to you when youre sleeping and fuck you up with my robo legs and my arms will strangle you
tessincursivex: lmaoooo
chelseaeae: hahahhaha
tessincursivex: im gonna call you robochels now



"Today, my girlfriend dumped me proclaiming she wanted someone more like her "Edward". I asked her who Edward was. She held up a copy her "Twilight" book. She was talking about a fictional vampire. FML"





so much time i pay for procrastination.

my physical self takes back seat to my emotional self.
im hurting for it right now.

i want: jamba juice, and a full blown time machine and im also graving some fruit by the foot roll ups... mmmmmm



cause i burned every bridge

i built when you were here.

And why do we like to hurt, so much?

I can't decide
You have made it harder just to go on
And why, all the possibilities where I was wrong

That's what you get when you let your heart win..


--Songs that trigger old memories..


One More..

I had a bunch of these once..
Where have they gone?





24 hours a day

Flowers Pictures, Images and Photos
I woke up at 10:30 today.
Ate breakfast at 12:30.
Took a shower at 1:45.
Did ABSOLUTE nothing from 1:45 to about 4 something. (Well except talk with jayme&kass, watch 90210 with jayme&kass, vent w/ jayme& kass).
Went to dinner, and came home around 6 something.
Hung out with Family until 10:15.

I should have done a little bit of homework today.
I'll be slavin all day tomorrow):

Found something-

freshman year does not seem too long ago..


a typical wednesday..

No homework for me today (: but instead..
I've been looking at random things on the internet..and here is what i found.

<< Visit PnoyApparel.com I thought this clothing brand was pretty cool.. the shirts all have to do with Philippine History, and it's some cute/cool stuff.
Also, they're not only a clothing brand, but they help those in need in the Philippines. READ MORE? > http://www.pnoyapparel.com/shirtthekids.php



It's been awhile.

Haven't been on here in awhile..
figured this would be a good start to my first 2009 entry.

Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

1. Most nights.. before I go to bed, I ask myself questions out loud.

2. I truly believe that I have the best family I could ever ask for. They are and always will be my first priority and I can truly say I look up to each and everyone of them.

3. Lately, I'm realizing who my real friends are..and it's sad to know I have a few. ):

4. When I'm really mad at someone, I think of my life without them and I always end up crying.

5. I cry alot.. more than average person should.

6. I always wondered if it was normal to be so happy and then think of the lowest point in your life.. I do that often.

7. Unfortunately, at times I think I can never have a good relationship with my mom, but i love her so much, I try to forget all the mean and hurtful things that have happened in the past.
& I've never seen much of my dad as a kid, and I always wondered if he loved my mom and brother after the actions he did. But I can honestly say that I know he does, and I know him so much better. I just wish he would stop making bad choices so he can live a long and healthy life.

8. Tisha Mae Soriano Salon is my best friend. I don't think I could ever treat her as well as she treats me, but I love her to death. Im glad she's here for me..Thank you.

9. I'm so lucky to have a big brother, I hope he knows that. + I like annoying my brother and sister, not to annoy them..but to be with them.

10. I miss 2006 and all the years previous.

11. I was obsessed with the movie Troy. I watched in theaters probably about 5 times and I bought the DVD first day..and not even the regular DVD, i got the DVD with the T-shirt that said "TROY" on it. I also got the soundtrack, and not gonna lie, it scared me every time I listened to it. But can't blame me for liking brad pitt ;) oh sixth grade..ahah

12. I really enjoy singing. Though, i'm too afraid to actually sing seriously in front of people.

13. I like being Filipino. Haha..

14. I stalk Tony Cordero, but too bad Chardel is the only one who knows who that is..and maybe Tisha.

15. I'm probably with my Manang Tracy as much as I am with my brother and sister. She knows more about me than my Dad,Brother,Mom and Sister.

16. I would love to go to Lahaina, Maui again just as much as going back to Okinawa, Japan.

17. I've been thinking of names to name my children since I was in fourth grade.

18. The Twilight Series were the first books I've entirely read/finished and enjoyed. I never thought I was capable of reading a whole book.

19. 2008 I was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis. I want to try not letting my sickness become a hindrance or my escape. But I will admit, these past few months i enjoyed and liked being taken care of.

20. I wish my whole family spent more time together, i miss those days.

21. My first real pet was a Chihuahua and Terrier mix, a female dog named Lizzy. I loved her so much that I didn't mind all those painful bites, and all those times i chased her when she got loose. I remember hating that guy who left my backyard gate open.. I still resent him.

22. I like watching infomercials..ever since i can remember..even if i have seen them more than once.

23. I miss my old house..sometimes I think if we still lived there, alot of my problems would not exist.

24. I love being the youngest in a group, in a weird sense i feel like i'm being taken care of.

25. I feel like I can write more than 25 random facts, habits..etc. Haha.
But here's the last one : If you ever wanna know how I feel.. I always hint or completely type it out here or myspace. Ha. I'm too scared most times to say it aloud.