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I've grown up a bit..I am finally taking advantage of my past mistakes and learning from them. I talk too much and weep about how I'm not clever at all. I'm better at reading picture books and I'm always down to make someone laugh. I'm young, and I pick up almost everything from my family and I tend to sway with the 'good crowd'. I like unexpected plans..well when they go well. My perfect day consists of being with people I love and watching movies. I find amusement in the oddest things, and I wish I could keep quiet at least for 2 hours. I like rings, bracelets, sunglasses, and dictionaries/thesauruses. My life is synonymous with lolz, I add [z]'s to words just because I can. Don't mistake me for being immature, because I appreciate sincerity and being serious. I honestly do believe in "there is a time and place for everything." I'm a music, artifical strawberry and internet junkie. I always find something to smile at,and almost everyday I wake up 30 minutes later than my alarm,ack. I definitely try to stay true and as positive as I can, but I slip through sometimes. I'm comfortable with almost everyone and I'm still trying to figure out how to laugh 24 hours straight. i get car sick , and frustrated easily. I'm finding a new hobby in reading, i loooove books! I can't cut straight with scissors, but give me a camera..I love taking pictures. I adore the beauty in nature and the nature in beauty. I enjoy good times with good company. I doodle on almost everything in sight,even myself.. I like writing myspace 'about me's' and figurative essays. I eat money, and typically I'll love you more than I love myself. Other than all that, i'm so excited right now, hahah! other thaangs: i make up my own words,use spanish as if I knew it,embrace the quote "the sky's the limit",find interest in individuality and creativity and I hate repeating myself myself myself..I choose spoons>forks & strawberry lemonade over faye barreras, mos def, mos def! & here's the positive-- life's guuuud, XOXO. ;)

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