not concentrated on hdub

but rather...,

tessincursivex: chelss ur so emooo
Auto response from chelseaeae: hades- the underworld of departed souls
chelseaeae: FACK YAO
tessincursivex: hades iz wurr mah heart izz
chelseaeae: hahah wtf, more like under the sea with ariel and sea creatures and pretty crustaceans
chelseaeae: hahhahaha
tessincursivex: hahahahah!
chelseaeae: o_O
tessincursivex: omg codys gonna fall in love with a mermaid at rehab!
chelseaeae: aww and have half mermaid kids
chelseaeae: hoooooow cuuuute!
chelseaeae: hahaha jus playin ;D
tessincursivex: hahah how do you have sex with a mermaid? -_-
chelseaeae: rub her conch shell..bitch i dont know!
chelseaeae: hahahha
tessincursivex: ewwww hahah chels youre so dirttyyyy!
chelseaeae: dont ask me questions then dumb cunt
chelseaeae: hahahhajhahahhaha
tessincursivex: lmao like when i translated all your dreams and they all had to do with sexual desires
tessincursivex: hahaha!
chelseaeae: OH WHAT THE
chelseaeae: dont remember
tessincursivex: chelsso horny chels chels so horny
tessincursivex: ahahhaha
chelseaeae: im like 3 seconds away from stabbing your heart through this computer screen
chelseaeae: ^____^
tessincursivex: excuseee me is that a threat?
chelseaeae: excuse me, would you like my 5 inch blade or my pear knife?
tessincursivex: i will take your pear knife and eat it like the piece of fruit that its name after. bitch.
chelseaeae: oh okay.. i see how it is.. you like it down your throat
chelseaeae: hhahahahhahahahah
tessincursivex: hahahaha
chelseaeae: hahahhaha
tessincursivex: ah chelss i got the rest of my makeup stuff todayy!
tessincursivex: yay!
chelseaeae: yay i hope it grows legs and runs away!!!
tessincursivex: omg you beezy!
chelseaeae: hahah
tessincursivex: ima cut off YOUR legs and then you wont be able to run no more.
tessincursivex: hahaha!
chelseaeae: haha ill crawl up to you when youre sleeping and fuck you up with my robo legs and my arms will strangle you
tessincursivex: lmaoooo
chelseaeae: hahahhaha
tessincursivex: im gonna call you robochels now

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