It's been awhile.

Haven't been on here in awhile..
figured this would be a good start to my first 2009 entry.

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1. Most nights.. before I go to bed, I ask myself questions out loud.

2. I truly believe that I have the best family I could ever ask for. They are and always will be my first priority and I can truly say I look up to each and everyone of them.

3. Lately, I'm realizing who my real friends are..and it's sad to know I have a few. ):

4. When I'm really mad at someone, I think of my life without them and I always end up crying.

5. I cry alot.. more than average person should.

6. I always wondered if it was normal to be so happy and then think of the lowest point in your life.. I do that often.

7. Unfortunately, at times I think I can never have a good relationship with my mom, but i love her so much, I try to forget all the mean and hurtful things that have happened in the past.
& I've never seen much of my dad as a kid, and I always wondered if he loved my mom and brother after the actions he did. But I can honestly say that I know he does, and I know him so much better. I just wish he would stop making bad choices so he can live a long and healthy life.

8. Tisha Mae Soriano Salon is my best friend. I don't think I could ever treat her as well as she treats me, but I love her to death. Im glad she's here for me..Thank you.

9. I'm so lucky to have a big brother, I hope he knows that. + I like annoying my brother and sister, not to annoy them..but to be with them.

10. I miss 2006 and all the years previous.

11. I was obsessed with the movie Troy. I watched in theaters probably about 5 times and I bought the DVD first day..and not even the regular DVD, i got the DVD with the T-shirt that said "TROY" on it. I also got the soundtrack, and not gonna lie, it scared me every time I listened to it. But can't blame me for liking brad pitt ;) oh sixth grade..ahah

12. I really enjoy singing. Though, i'm too afraid to actually sing seriously in front of people.

13. I like being Filipino. Haha..

14. I stalk Tony Cordero, but too bad Chardel is the only one who knows who that is..and maybe Tisha.

15. I'm probably with my Manang Tracy as much as I am with my brother and sister. She knows more about me than my Dad,Brother,Mom and Sister.

16. I would love to go to Lahaina, Maui again just as much as going back to Okinawa, Japan.

17. I've been thinking of names to name my children since I was in fourth grade.

18. The Twilight Series were the first books I've entirely read/finished and enjoyed. I never thought I was capable of reading a whole book.

19. 2008 I was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis. I want to try not letting my sickness become a hindrance or my escape. But I will admit, these past few months i enjoyed and liked being taken care of.

20. I wish my whole family spent more time together, i miss those days.

21. My first real pet was a Chihuahua and Terrier mix, a female dog named Lizzy. I loved her so much that I didn't mind all those painful bites, and all those times i chased her when she got loose. I remember hating that guy who left my backyard gate open.. I still resent him.

22. I like watching infomercials..ever since i can remember..even if i have seen them more than once.

23. I miss my old house..sometimes I think if we still lived there, alot of my problems would not exist.

24. I love being the youngest in a group, in a weird sense i feel like i'm being taken care of.

25. I feel like I can write more than 25 random facts, habits..etc. Haha.
But here's the last one : If you ever wanna know how I feel.. I always hint or completely type it out here or myspace. Ha. I'm too scared most times to say it aloud.

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