Me too.

DEAR _________________________________,
I'm sorry. I know I don't make your lives any easier.. Most times I feel like a burden.
I know you two get frustrated with me easily, and I'm sure it's hard. But ME TOO, i'm always frustrated, and it's hard not to be. I don't want you guys to baby me, or treat me differently, but it would be nice if you were more 'there' for me. Sometimes I feel you guys are angry at me, but I can't help it. I'm not trying to make excuses, or looking for any sympathy. I have to realize that this will affect me as long as I live, and I am the only person who can help myself..but in the mean time, I need you guys to be there for me..to help me stay positive, to live everyday normally to the fullest extent, and to help make me love life like I used to.

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