move me to glendale!

this weekend.. was literally just way too much fun.
hahah i love my cousins!
well, we went to watch iron man, i paraded down some street in glendale with heels, met some new people, haha laughed like so much that my voice is almost gone, went to americana again, talked to random people, lmao.
AAHHH I LOVE MY COUSINS, haha i cant wait till next weekend! i miss them so much!
ha, and uhh, seriously, there was like so much more to everything, AND I HAVE SCHOOL TOMORROW! lame =/
but yeah, basically, i wouldnt mine hanging out there all the time, LOL.
ook, bye =)

ill post pictures upp later.

&p.s. joey diamond came out officially...
still love him for this though,


love everyone.<3

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