friday was crazy, but im not even gonna worry about it.. ITS THE WEEKEND!
i love weekends..seriously, i love the weekends that are most care-free..and now, FINALLY i have one of those weekends! i havent had one like these in awhile.. and i might be stuffing my mouth full right now hence its only saturday. haha, theres still tomorrow.. wee! haha its such a ride right now, im happy righ tnow and it feeels reeallly gooood. anyways, i really appreciate god a lot more now as well, tishas confirmation the other day really opened up my mind. and it was a plus seeing people haha /;) but yeah as of now, im chiilllin. im just thankful im not pulling my hair out. haha, or having another 7 day week of work. ok well im gonna stop now, haha so gooooodnight
other things:
--KASSIE! YOU DID SO WELL ON YOUR DANCE SHOW TONIGHT AT HART HIGH! I LOVE YOU LITTLE SISTER, HHAH you really are my hero, and im so happy and sad at the same time that you are capable of doing everything and anything. <3
ksfhjs !
ill write more later, haha and hopefully i will get the chance too, school has been crazy so i havent posted in awhile.. but enjoy this post.!
ill be posting up pictures within the last week too


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